Risk Assessment and Contingency Planning

Assessment of financial risk and design of viable strategies to mitigate risk can be both complicated and resolved by rapidly evolving technologies.

The purpose of a risk assessment is to help an organization determine the appropriate level of risk and the subsequent security requirements that go along with each system. In terms of risk management, this is an extremely important step that should not be overlooked. Risk assessments are a continual process which discovers, corrects, and prevents any security issues. Navigating and leveraging the right technologies to achieve the desired end state can be challenging for large multinational corporations and young start-ups. Vanicle International Applications brings specific expertise in risk assessment and contingency planning in Intermodal Transport, Commercial Launch Services, and Satellite Operations. Allow our engineering and insurance experts to review your current strategies and recommend cost-effective measures to avoid catastrophic failures and minimize the impact of unavoidable losses.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Contingency plans, also known as “Plan Bs,” are created with this concept in mind. We’ll work with you to create a plan to help your organization effectively respond to any emergency or disaster that may occur in the future. The process involves multiple steps, to include business impact analysis, pinpointing preventative measures, developing the plan, and continued plan maintenance. Having a contingency plan in place is vital to the continuity of your business operations as well as helping to contain any possible damage that may occur to your personnel and property as a result of the emergency situation. We will help you go through all of the “what if” situations in order to produce the most effective contingency plan.